Friday, December 28, 2007

My masterpiece

Poem & Sketch by Wolfestine

I first thought I should probably write a regular post expressing myself, but then slowly it transformed into a poem, which I started off trying to make sure it did not rhyme. But then as my thoughts started wandering, my little poem started rhyming. This one is deeper than the rest of my poems. I am sure what makes perfect sense to me is probably hard for you to understand. What I basically wanted to say is that there is this place in my head that is filled with thoughts, none of which are pleasant ones. Every incident where I made a fool of myself, come alive when I step into this place. Every time I have felt humiliated, every time I felt guilty. It’s like a pool of sorrow which tries to drown me. And like quicksand, it tries to pull me in. I swear to God, that I miss a beat, every time my thoughts tread into this awful place. I am guessing the people who do get stuck in places like these are the ones suffering from depression. This guy I know stayed in bed for six months, simply because he was suffering from the blues. Well anyway, I don't know about what you think, but this is probably the best poem i have ever written... My Masterpiece.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Adidas = Pot ???

Every time I look at the (old) Adidas logo, I am reminded of a marijuana leaf? No… I am not a pot-head, though I have always wondered what smoking weed feels like. I even managed to get myself a joint fixed once, but didn’t have the guts to light it up. I’ve heard that grass has a very sweet high (No idea what that means), and the better your mood is, the sweeter the high. So the next time you see a guy who has a constant nostalgic smile pasted on his face, for like say forever, chances are that he is high. Someone once told me that this is one thing you must try out. But I guess you can’t experience everything in a lifetime. Oh!!! and I almost forgot... The question I had in my mind was that did they design their logo that way on purpose, following the trends of the 60's n 70's??? Or was it just coincidence???

The world's bestest job.

In about an year and a half, I would finally be passing out of an engineering college, to probably assume the job of one amongst the millions of IT professionals, with a dream of getting admission into a B-School still in my mind. But what would I deem fit to be the best job I could ever have??? Well I could kill for the job of a BBC Presenter. And not just the presenter of any show, I’d like to have the job of a presenting the show Top Gear. In other words, I’d like to be in the shoes of Jeremy Clarkson. Jeremy Clarkson has been hosting Top Gear and quite a few other motoring and also some traveling shows for BBC since for as long as I remember watching television. In fact he has been associated with the Top gear ever since 1988... that makes the show almost as old as the show The Bold And The Beautiful which premiered in 1987 (as time runs into decades, an year barely matter ; ) ). Jeremy Clarkson is like the Oprah of the motoring world (Oprah BTW has been on air with her show since 1986... Damn!!! her show is almost as old as I am) Top gear isn’t like your average auto-review show where the presenter simply shows you stationary cars at auto-shows and rides simulators. This show is filled with excitement (i.e., if you are a guy :P ). These guys, they race cars, with not only other cars, but with vans, trucks, buses, boats, planes (man was that cool) and even with the London underground. They have track races, drag races, drift races, destruction derbies and even those cool eight figured races. They build cars, modify em, and they even destroy em. Theses people, when they take their cars on the test track, they push these cars to the limit and they burn so much rubber, I can almost smell it through the TV. So, given a chance to have any job in the world, I’d opt for that of Jeremy Clarkson.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Redefining the laws of physics.

I am sick and tired of "action movies" which have totally unrealistic action scenes. Most such movies have guns being fired in them. I am sure you have heard of the term recoil. A recoil is a backward impulse exerted by a gun, whenever it is fired. A recoil is based on one of the most fundamental laws of physics known as Newton's third law of motion, the simplified versions of which states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So when a bullet goes forward, the gun goes backwards, the extent of which is defined by the second law of motion (the one about the conservation of momentum). Most Hollywood movies do have recoiling guns but I am yet to see a hindi movie which incorporates the idea of a recoil. One of the best examples of recoil would be the scene from Men In Black where Will Smith fires his miniature gun, only to be thrown back by 10 feet or so. But that was fiction, and hence the amplified recoil. And then there is the other part when the gun is fired, the reaction of the person who was shot at. No I am not talking about the pain and stuff, which i am sure is nothing more than a sting initially because of the shock and adrenaline, I am talking about how much the person/object being shot at is thrown back. This is one thing that sometimes even the big shots in Hollywood mess up, while some Indian directors may get it right too. If a gun is fired and it causes a recoil which only causes the person shooting the gun to jerk his wrist, how come the "bad guys" go airborne??? There is only one thing that could initiate such a reaction, the bullet itself needs to have some sort of jet propulsion system, like say may be some propulsion unit activated right after the bullet leaves the muzzle of the gun <*rolling over with laughter*> that gives it the extra momentum. Jokes apart, guns are dangerous and so is their recoil. The recoil of an assault rifle could even dislocate your shoulder if the gun isn't properly held. But still people like Bruce Willis are gonna keep firing their rifles one handed, 'cause action heroes will be action heroes and they ain't gonna let a tinsy-winsy recoil hamper their image.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A drought for a couple of years, and then there were tears.

I was watching Roman Polanski’s The Pianist the other day when I first noticed it. I though I must have be mistaken and dismissed the thought. But then while watching Schindler's list, it happened again, and this time it was worse than before. It was awful. I had tears in my eyes, tears trickled down my cheeks. After a dry spell of two years, my eyes were wet again. Hats off to Steven Spielberg, who managed to trigger off such a reaction, with the help of a mere movie. My English teacher once told us that it wasn’t such a big thing to cry. She in fact encouraged crying (in the non-sadistic sense of course). According to her, crying, of all the other emotions, helped in the healing of the soul (whatever that means). Although I never tried suppressing my emotions (except anger sometimes), the last time I shed a tear was ages ago (One year, ten months to be precise). It was over a piece of paper, commonly known as a mark-sheet. Having belonged to an upper-middle intelligence-class, I had never before seen such a pathetic set of grades, and I started doubting myself. That was the last time I cried. I buried my head into my blanket, and sobbed till I went to sleep. The incident changed me a lot, for the better or worse, only time shall tell. A lot has happened ever since, but nothing had till now compelled me to shed a tear, until now. What is it about human suffering, that causes saline water to trickle out of my eyes??? Does the fact that all these were true stories, amplify the effect it has in our minds??? Even Freedom Writers made the corners of my eyes moist. I, for now, have stopped watching true and/or sad stories, n now stick to light hearted comedy movies only.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

And I still love it

It’s big... It’s loud... It’s heavy... And it ain’t that pretty.

It leaks oil from a million places... And some people claim their bikes mark their territory.

It ain’t fuel-efficient... Digs into your pocket if you are a student.

It goes down hard, if it ever does... Fall down and it’s more than your head that requires protection.

Its gears don’t budge easy... Even after you get a hang of shifting em.

It has a mean back-kick... It may even break your leg.

If it doesn’t start... Pushing it could be a real pain.

It’s cables (clutch, brake, accelerator) break often... It will eventually turn you into a mechanic.

Then what is it about a bullet that attracts people towards it???

... Most people, I fear, will never get it.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Why "The Urge To Blabber"???

Ever since I remember, I loved writing. In class 3, when trying to seek admission in a convent school, I was to write a paragraph, though I don’t remember what it was on, I remember the mother (Dean of the school) there pointing out the abundance of spelling mistakes in my incomplete essay. Incomplete, because I was a slow writer (and still am) and had run out of time. I distinctly remember her pointing out that I had spelt ground as groung (It was the last word in my paragraph). Oh! And now I remember, the sentence had something to do with an elephant being chained to the ground. It was probably an essay on the circus. Anyway, by humiliating me (did I mention it was in front of my sister) she had in some way suppressed my desire to write. And if you are wondering whether I got admission in that school, I don’t remember bothering to check, since the school was across the river, and my mum didn’t want me n my sis to commute in a ferry. Then again, somewhere in class 5-6, there was this conversation between the moon n me that I had to imagine and write. And the title that I chose was A tête-a-tête with the moon. I remember that a few of my friends ridiculed the title. That was the end of my quest for building a verbose vocabulary. Time went by and I changed a lot, no longer being influenced by others criticism, I turned into this wall, never giving in the slightest bit. And so without any time limits to adhere to and with a faithful word-processor to correct my spelling and in some cases even my grammatical mistakes, I started my own blog. Since all I intend to do here is talk nineteen to the dozen, I decide to name it The Urge To Blabber.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Why Wolfestine???

One morning, when I got up n looked in the mirror, I saw a sleepy eyed hirsute monster-like creature staring back at me. That was an year ago when I was going through a rough time. I hadn’t been to a barber for over a year, and hadn’t shaved for the past six months then. I had turned into a glutton, gorging on food, all day long. I was now huge n ugly. This reminded me of Frankenstein, probably the most popular monster ever. And the shaggy looks, made me feel like a werewolf. So when faced by the dilemma of choosing a nickname for myself, it was these two words that I merged to form my new nickname. I first thought Wolverine sounded cool. After all it had been my LAN name for quite a while. But it was the abundance of the name that discouraged me to go for it. Although a cool character from the X-men, I didn’t want to be known as a rodent. So to make it sound like my previous nickname, I simply merged Eerewolf and Frankenstein, to make the name a bit more phonetic. And this is how Wolfestine was born.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Appreciate everything.

Hey there people... here's another one of my childish rhymes. Do notice the cool rhyme scheme I have managed to belt out this time.


Blessed are those, who pain, have seen,

For it’s them, who know, what happiness does mean.

Cares more about life, than you, a teen,

About to die, sickeningly lean.

In England, go and ask the queen,

Draped in clothes with a silky sheen.

Does she care, for the soup in her tureen?

And then there’s a homeless, who’d kill for a bean.

How does one keep a garden green?

By wasting water, in amounts obscene?

To know the value, of water, clean,

Travel to a desert, with an empty canteen.

People who always appear pristine,

Also lose their cool, umpteen,

Cussing at people, exhibiting spleen,

Lessons in life they also glean.

The future holds what, who has foreseen,

Something lying around dirty, unclean;

Could also someday bring about, preen.

So nothing in life, should you ever demean.

Nothing in life should you ever demean.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Damn you!!! BSoD

Off lately my system (PC) has been haunted by the Blue-Screen-of-Death. BSoD, which was a common site in earlier versions of the windows operating system, is usually unheard of by most XP users. Back in the time of Windows 98, you made one mistake any you were greeted by the BSoD, eject a CD while accessing its contents and you got a BSoD, press ctr+alt+del and there it was again. Even accessing certain system files caused the system to crash. BSoD basically symbolizes the untimely demise of your operating system. Perhaps the most famous instance of a BSoD covered by the media was that of Bill Gates unveiling the then-new Windows 98. The demo PC cashed with a BSoD when his assistant (who according to Wikipedia still works for MS) connected a scanner to the PC. There was a huge commotion from the crowd, and all the sheepish looking Bill Gates could say was “That must be why we are not shipping Windows 98 yet”. For those of you having difficulties picturing the situation, the video is available on u-tube. Well if the BSoD didn’t spare Bill Gates, what can I, a mere mortal do about it? Even as I type this post, I am plagued by the thought that a BSoD might appear at any instance, and if there wasn’t the auto-save feature of MS Office, I’d be alternating ctrl+s with each word I typed. Wikipedia states that a BSoD is encountered when the OS encounters a critical system error, which can cause the system to shutdown to prevent damage. It also says that they are caused by poorly written device drivers, faulty memory, corrupt registries or incompatible DLLs. What it fails to mention, is that sometimes even hardware errors like a lose hdd or graphics card, or even an incompatible RAM (I think that’s what they mean by a faulty memory). While most people might freak out at the sight of a BSoD, I have been getting these errors, from the day I bought my PC. First night, that I bought my PC, I was really excited, and when I sat down to install the OS, it just wouldn’t install. Right after the installation, I’d get a BSoD. As it turned out that the dealer had put in an incompatible RAM. A couple of months later, there it was again. This time, it was a faulty Alcohol 120% (a virtual DVD drive emulator). Then I’d keep getting it again, on n off, until recently right before I lost my HDD (as in my HDD crashed), it became a common site again. This time I suspect that it is probably an improper installation of codecs, and I think the BSoD appears probably when the thumbnails are loaded. I have reinstalled the codecs n hope the problems disappear... Nope restarted again... lemme see... Ok... uninstalled everything. Now if that doesn't solve the problem, I guess I'll have to reinstall the OS... Wooops... restarted yet again... I guess I will have to reinstall my OS.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sad but true

Sad but true

Riding my bike, in delight,

I had to stop, at a red light.

I saw a man cross the street,

And in his hand, he carried a treat.

All of a sudden, the light turned green,

And all the others, just had to careen.

In the confusion, his packet slipped,

His food I saw scattered, as my eyes dipped.

There was nothing he could do, but look in dismay,

And I thought about him, all through the way.

Would he go hungry, would he buy some food?

Had I stopped and helped him, would have I been rude?

Monday, November 26, 2007

OMG!!! The death of the internet.

It was there in the business section of the newspaper a couple of days ago. But I didn't take it that seriously. It is there again in today's newspaper, and now I am worried about it. Come year 2010, and the internet connection is gonna go KAPUT!!! And guess who will be responsible for it. It'll be me, and you, and quite a few other people who are never gonna come across this blog. Apparently studies show that at the rate at which the internet is growing, and because of the pressure we are putting on the existing infrastructure, your broadband connection is gonna end up becoming highly unstable. And unless nearly 137 Billion Dollars (US) (if my memory serves me right) is invested, i.e. about 60% more than what investors are ready to invest, the internet is not gonna look like the way we have gotten used to seeing it. Unless something is done to bridge the gap, "rich media" sites (like youtube and other sites requiring large amounts of data transfer) are gonna be a thing of the past. Emphasis is gonna be laid on sites being more efficient in the amount of data transfered. I still can't grasp the idea of life without internet, although it is gonna make little difference to my blog. I shall continue to type my posts offline, and since hardly anybody visits my blog, its not gonna make much of a difference. Which reminds me, I finally got my first visitor since I installed a page hit counter (Yeah! the rest of the page hits were by me. Over two weeks and just one page hit. Man! I felt dejected.). The good ol' navigational bar finally remembered my blog. Oh! n it was one of those Internet explorer Users. I thought those things were extinct. Apparently not so in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, 'cause that's were the visitor was from. BTW I don't criticize each n every visitor, and would like to thank Ms. Red Queen, whose comment was analogous to CPR for my blog.
Good Day

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Efficiency Theorem

Fanatics, all over the world, are going crazy trying to figure out means of increasing the efficiency of devices all around us. From the cars we drive, to the cell phones we use, music players, the processors of our computers, air conditioners, even simple things like light bulbs, practically everything around us has been tweaked, to be more efficient in what they do. But what about the human brain I ask? Isn’t there a way to tweak it a lil’ bit (without causing any harm to us) ? From common observation, I have derived (without all those needless calculations) something I would like to a call, The Efficiency Theorem, defined in simple terms as Efficiency is always higher, when your ass in on fire. Every time there is a task at hand, people inevitably tend to temporize. Procrastination is hardwired into most human brains. In no matter what we do, our efficiency always increases as the deadline approaches. Sitting on stuff isn’t always harmful. In fact it provides respite from the monotonous and mundane life. It adds excitement to life. If you start working on a project too hard too soon, you are bound to run out of steam before your project ends. Start too late and you miss the deadline. Think of this process as analogous to the working of an internal combustion engine. It is all in the timing. Set the spark (that’s spray in the fuel in case of a diesel engine) too soon and you get knocking. A bit too late and its equally harmful. So I’d like to advise you to linger on, but mind you, not for too long.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned.

Dear Lord,

You and I both know that I am not such a firm believer in you. But it is times like this when I am forced to consider your existence; times when I have sinned and my conscience refuse to forgive me. The other day, I had gone to purchase a few book, and I couldn’t find a parking space for a quite a while. Finally I did find a spot, but alas, it wasn’t wide enough for my bike (I ride a thumper). So I got off my bike and shoved aside the bikes on either side, to make room for my bike. I was gone for barely a couple of minutes, and as I returned I saw a police truck approach, the kind they use to haul wrongly parked two-wheelers. As I unlocked my motorcycle, the truck stopped right behind me, a couple of guys got off and pulled the bike parked next to mine into the truck. I suppose while making space for my bike, I unknowingly pushed the maroon bike out of the assigned parking space. With my heart thumping louder than my bike, I sped away, fearful, lest I be chased by the owner of the maroon motorcycle. I my books, there are few greater sins than harming one’s ride. Forgive me Lord, for I have sinned.


Monday, November 12, 2007


I am Wolfestine... and I am an addict. They say the first step of getting rid of a habit is to accept that you are an addict. No I am not addicted to any intoxicant... or any stimulant for that matter... I am a techno-addict. I am addicted to technology. I was tempted to start this post like I started my last one (Sitting in my room, I look around and...) but it’s just that it is only when I am sitting in my room all alone, do I get these thoughts.

I am sure almost all of you reading this post would agree that to some degree you too are addicted to technology. Although it is more of the younger generation that is addicted to it, the older ones are just as susceptible to getting captivated. Like in the case of any habit, it usually takes a while to realize the fact that you are hooked on. The realization usually comes with the loss of a gadget of service. For me it all began when I was without a net connection for almost 6 months. I became famished for the internet, a scavenger for bandwidth. They say time is the best healer, and so I waited. I waited until I finally got an internet connection. It was then that I realized the importance of a simple transfer of data packets, from my computer to my ISP, in my life.

The final blow, which proved my dependence on technology, came when my hard-disk crashed. It wasn’t just that I couldn’t use my computer for a while. It was accompanied by a grave implication. All my (though seemingly unimportant) data was now gone. Everything that I had been hoarding for over two years was gone in a flash. (For the record, I had also been writing more posts for my blog, which I intended to post once I got the time to do so. They too were lost in this catastrophe.) And for some reason this tragedy left a hollow spot within me. It was like losing a near n dear one. Okay I agree I exaggerated it a bit too much but lets not digress. My point was that I for one just can’t live without some gadgetry in my vicinity, be it my computer, my phone or even a television remote, of course each of them accompanied by their respective service (i.e. a net connection, a service provider, and a cable TV).

Can you even imagine what it would be like to live without anything that ran on an electronic circuit? Something that could help us simulate such a condition would be a pinch. Well I could explain you what a pinch is with references to Wikipedia n other encyclopedias. Or I could quote Basher Tarr (played by Don Cheadle) from the movie Ocean’s ElevenA pinch is a device that creates like a cardiac arrest for any broadband circuitry. Or better yet, a pinch is a bomb, now but without a bomb. See when a nuclear weapon detonates, it unleashes an electro magnetic pulse, which shuts down any power source within its blast radius. And it tends not to matter in most cases because a nuclear weapon usually destroys anything you might want to need power for anyway. You see a pinch creates a similar electromagnetic pulse, but without the fuss of mass destruction and death. So instead of Hiroshima, you’d be getting a 17th century.”

Life in the absence of technology has often been depicted in movies of the likes of The Day After Tomorrow and more recently, in Die Hard 4 where this terrorist holds up a fire-sale in the US. And no it’s not the regular fire-sale. It is a three step systematic attack on the entire national infrastructure. In step one take out all the transportation, step two the financial base and telecoms, step three is get rid of the all the utilities gas, water, electric, nuclear, pretty much everything that is run by computers, which today is almost everything. So that’s why they call it a fire sale, because everything must go.

Though it all may seem like fiction to you, the latest in war-fare technology doesn’t really depends on wiping out an entire population, but more on disabling it. No matter how much you deny it, but the fact remains that if you knock out the infrastructure of a country, you will cause more havoc than bombing a couple of its cities would.

Being tech-savvy also affects our health adversely. So much technology, all around us has also forced us to incorporate a sedentary lifestyle. This in turn leads to obesity which of course brings along with it a whole lot of other complication.

No matter how hard I try, to spend a day away from technology, I eventually end up fiddling with my cell phone, or switching on my computer. There is this advertisement on the national geographic channel called find the genius within you. They claim Einstein’s brain weighed in at around 1240 grams, while the average human brain weighs somewhere close to 1400 grams. So according to them, we are better equipped at becoming a genius. The common knowledge and skills of an average human being of today is far greater than what it used to be in the 18th century. As a result, we ought to be better equipped to handle the complications in our life, and this is all so because of the technological revolution.

One question that arise is should we embrace technology and let it dominate our world. Once again, highlighting the imaginations of many a fiction writers, I would like to mention the case where technology, originally designed to make human life simper and peaceful, ends up making it worse (Think in the lines of The Terminator Series, iRobot, Stealth). But of course in these movies, the (good) guys successfully regain control of the world again. What if, in real life, we are not able to defeat what we created? Is it safe to let be a techno-addict? I am not so sure. All I can say is I am Wolfestine... and I am an addict.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Branding the world

Hey all…

Sitting in my room, I look around and everywhere I look, I see brand names. Wow I say, I have officially been branded. Branding, in its simplest of meanings, means, to mark with a hot iron. And all these multi national companies (MNCs) sure do go through a lotta effort to make sure each one of us is branded. Advertisements are what has helped these MNCs achieve their aim. You switch on the television and there are advertisements, you read the newspaper and they are there too, but the place affected by it the most is the internet. Most of the sites on the internet have advertisements on them. Most people might say that they are not affected even a wee bit by them, but the fact of the matter is that deep down inside they are actually being branded. Speaking with context to the Indian market, if you go to a computer store you’d realize, that barely 20% of the buyers know what they are buying. And not even half of this 20% know what it actually means. Rest of them are satisfied by the fact that it is a Intel Pentium 4 machine of that it’d be fast because it has core duo in it. People haven’t even heard the name of AMD and are hence hesitant to buy an AMD machine. It is the advertisements that have prejudiced our opinions. What is worse is that the consumer doesn’t even realize that he has no use of a Dual core processor and yet is ready to shell out twice as much for it. Such is the power of advertisements.

Ask people which company makes the best phones, and the most probable reply you get is going to be Nokia. Mention the word Blue Berry and will start thinking in lines of a fruit. People here have been brainwashed by advertisements n these brainwashed people brainwash their friends and family by praising their phones. I own a Sony Ericsson phone and, I can prove to any rational, nonbiased and non-prejudiced party that the sound and picture quality of my phone is better than any equivalent Nokia phone.

I am not even going to start about the Fashion houses of the likes of Versace and Prada... Because I totally fail to understand the logic behind the colossal price tags on their fashion accessories. Why would someone in their right mind buy such expensive pieces of clothing? According to a dictionary, clothing is defined as, a covering designed to be worn on a person's body.

The question that requires answering is how much is too much??? We do not even realize the extent to which some companies go to ensure that you are branded. There was once this report of a study funded by an advertisement company which claimed that people retain the most when they are looking for information.

So people, de-brand yourself, and don’t let the advertisements have the better of you. Question people who claim their product is the best as to why they think so. And please don’t let the brand ambassadors they sign up affect you. Unless they are given free goodies, I doubt these ambassadors ever use the product they endorse.

Signing out for now...


Monday, June 4, 2007

Lost Friend

Hey all,

Today as my day begun I received some really awful news. Overcome by emotions, i wrote a little something. Please bear with me. more

Let go of those tears, for sorrow you may heave;

Let go of those fears, and unrestricted may you grieve.

Sorrows in life, you may have heaps;

But by keeping it inside, there is nothing one reaps.

Everyday in life, friends come and go;

But I haven’t lost one, since a long time ago.

It gives me great pleasure, that him I knew;

Even though for me, he was like mid-morning dew.

There is so much more to life, than he could even perceive;

Let go of those tears, for sorrow you may heave.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

A public service announcement

которые не курят и не пьют, умирают в добром здравии

(Who do not smoke or drink, die in good health) – A famous Russian proverb.

Hey all…

Life if a gift from god and no matter how crappy it is, living through it is certainly better than dying, or even worse, dying a slow and painful death. Yeah, I know you know that Smoking Kills, but yet you smoke, despite the discouragement by those around you, your friends, your family. What the hell, even I did. If you are a smoker, then I urge you to read this, and if you don’t smoke, then please read this and let your smoking friends read this.

Many smokers feel that they are the masters of their own destiny and that they could quit smoking anytime they want, but then they convince themselves that they enjoy smoking and that they will not quit today. As time passes, the habit becomes ingrained until it becomes a lifestyle and an addiction that causes physical discomfort if stopped. The only way to stop smoking is to overcome the psychological dependence on tobacco and the physical addiction to nicotine.

During my smoking days, I often used to joke around with my friends saying “It’s very easy to quit smoking… I have quit nearly a million times”

But from my experience, I did learn one thing, “It is indeed very simple to quit smoking… all it takes is to not to take that one puff” . That one puff there, referring to your days first puff.

Studies show that smoking one to five cigarettes a day increases heart attack risk by 40% compared with nonsmokers, and smoking one pack per day quadruples the risk. In 1984, cigarette smoking was found to be the major cause of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (e.g., emphysema, cancer) for both men and women. A 2004 report stated that cigarette smoking causes diseases in nearly every organ of the body, and that it is conclusively linked to leukemia, cataracts, pneumonia and cancers of the cervix, kidney, pancreas and stomach. Unborn children and non-smokers who breathe smoke exhaled by smokers and burning tobacco (second-hand smoke) can also become sick, and thousands of smoking-related fires occur yearly.

Well I am sure all of you who smoke know why smoking is harmful. But here are some details you ought to know. Tobacco smoke contains more than 60 cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens), including polycyclic hydrocarbons, N-nitrosamines, aldehydes, and inorganic compounds. Twenty of the carcinogens cause cancer in the lungs and throat. The most carcinogenic chemicals in tobacco are the nitrosamines. These are found in tobacco smoke, including second-hand smoke (environmental tobacco smoke), and chewing tobacco. The chemicals cause irritation and inflammation that gradually damage the cells of the mouth, nose, throat, and lungs causing them to become cancerous.

Every pack of cigarettes has a warning stating that smoking is injurious to your health. Why some even go to the extreme of printing the warning smoking kills. I am sure you haven’t missed that warning. And I am certain you understand each and every word in it. Do you remember the first time you smoked? I remember mine quite distinctly. I coughed, letting out all the smoke from my lungs. You feel the harmful effects every time that you cough or have a sore throat, but this has not stopped you from smoking. Why? Because the reasons for smoking are mostly psychological. People are seduced to try tobacco by the glamorization of smoking in the movies and in advertisements. Addiction to nicotine makes it hard to quit smoking once you have started, but this addiction can be overcome in two weeks once the psychological reasons for smoking are eliminated. It took me six months to quit a six month long habit, and I don’t want you people to take that long.

You need to understand and eliminate the psychological root of the problem. Here is a list of the reasons why people start smoking. Look at them carefully and think about your own experience. Most of these reasons are related to how you perceive yourself in the company of others. You generally start smoking in an attempt to change your self-image and appear more attractive, more manly, more feminine, or more intelligent. Sometimes you start smoking in a misguided attempt to calm your nerves, cope with stress, or lose weight, but smoking does not help to solve the source of your problems or to compensate for poor eating habits.

Reasons why people start to use tobacco:

  • On a dare to show that you are not timid or afraid.
  • To fit with the crowd (all my friends do it)
  • To appear sophisticated or cool
  • To be grown-up
  • To assert your independence
  • As a sign of protest, rebellion, or to defy authority
  • Free samples from friends or advertisers
  • Influences from people you respect and admire
    • Parents or relatives smoked
    • Images of famous actors, movie stars, or role models
      (Humphrey Bogart who eventually developed throat cancer,
      news anchorman Peter Jennings who developed lung cancer)
    • Baseball players who use chewing tobacco
    • Famous scientists
      (Einstein is the prototype of intellectual smokers.
      He looks so proud with a pipe in his mouth.)
  • Portrayals by cigarette advertisements
    • Joe Camel (cartoon character aimed at young people.
      Joe's face has features of a scrotum or other private parts
      and provides subliminal sex appeal)
    • Marlboro man (two of the models who portrayed the rugged
      cowboy eventually died of lung cancer)
    • Kool cigarettes used a cartoon penguin as an advertisement mascot.
    • Virginia slims (thin, sophisticated, and independent woman)
  • To try to lose weight
  • To calm your nerves
  • As a kind of "air freshener" when using the toilet

Tobacco companies have encouraged habitual use of tobacco by including coupons that can be collected and redeemed for merchandise. Although advertising by tobacco companies has been curtailed on television, there is sufficient promotion in other types of media to hook the next generation of users. I would like to recommend the movie “Thank you for smoking” starring Aaron Eckhart to every smoker out there. But I do not want you smoking while watching the movie. Movies like Thank you for smoking and Constantine where the protagonist smokes really increases the urge to smoke. Just make sure you can resist the temptation.

Cigarettes come with deceptive labels like "light", "ultra-light", "low tar", or "mild", don’t fall for them. To perpetuate tobacco addiction, cigarette manufacturers have also boosted the amount of nicotine in tobacco and modified cigarette designs to increase the number of puffs per cigarette. Harvard School of Public Health researchers found that the amount of nicotine that smokers typically consumed per cigarette, regardless of brand, rose by an average of 1.6 percent per year between 1998 and 2005 across all the major cigarette market categories (mentholated, non-mentholated, full-flavor, light, ultralight, etc.). This is an increase of 11 percent in the amount of nicotine per cigarette over a seven-year period. The higher drug levels make it harder for smokers to quit.

Have you ever wondered why you still smoke? You have been smoking for a while and you have matured. Now you know that smoking has not made you smarter, or cooler, or sexier. Smoking has not helped you to achieve your goals. Your accomplishments have been made in spite of smoking, but you are more aware that your health suffers. You can tell by your burning eyes, your hacking cough, and the phlegm in your throat. So, why do you still smoke? Most people continue smoking out of habit. They light a cigarette without even thinking. But sometimes people smoke under specific situations as a kind of ritual. Associating activities with smoking establishes Pavlovian reflexes. Pavlovian reflexes are named after Dr. Ivan Pavlov who was able to make his dogs salivate in the absence of food by just ringing a bell that had been associated with the dog's feeding time. In the same way, activities that you have associated with smoking, such as drinking coffee, will act as triggers. The mere sight of a cup of coffee will cause you to reach for your cigarettes without any conscious thought. Seeing friends smoking cigarettes, watching movies where the actors smoke, or the smell of cigarette smoke may trigger the psychological desire to smoke. Researchers have found that smokers with a damaged insula, a region of the brain linked to emotion and feelings, quit smoking easily and immediately. The study provides direct evidence that addiction to nicotine in tobacco smoke takes control of some of the neural circuits in the brain.

These are some of the reasons why people smoke:

  • No particular reason, but the cigarettes are handy
  • To reduce a feeling of anxiety or nervousness
  • To calm down when upset or angry
  • To socialize with other smokers
  • When feeling restless
  • As relaxation
  • To take a break from work
  • While having coffee or tea
  • When having a drink with friends
  • To satisfy an urge to smoke
  • After a meal
  • After sex
  • To pass the time while waiting for someone.
  • When driving in the car
  • When feeling depressed
  • When drinking beer, wine, or liquor
  • To celebrate something
  • To think about a difficult problem

Review this list and think about what you would do under each of these circumstances if you did not smoke. You need to start thinking about how you are going to cope in these situations without using tobacco.

Many smokers feel that they don't smoke enough to be harmful, but this kind of thinking is only self-delusion that justifies a bad habit. You need to understand your degree of dependence on tobacco to be able to quit successfully.

There is also the monetary factor kicked in. Some of you may not be bothered about it, but think about it, if you find some money while strolling in a deserted park, in a envelope with your name on it, would you refuse to accept it? I know I wouldn’t. So pick up that calculator and calculate how much you are going to save. For these of you with dyscalculia (a math disorder) you can do so by the formula (no of cigarettes per pack/no of cigarettes smoked per day)*cost of pack*365

In addition, each time that you stop to smoke, you are wasting approximately 4 minutes per cigarette.

Do you want to improve your life and you know that tobacco has robbed you of your stamina? Quitting smoking can give you new energy and a more positive attitude toward life. Your greatest accomplishment will be to take control your own destiny and not let yourself be influenced by tobacco advertisements and addictive drugs.

These are some things to consider as reasons for quitting smoking:

  • Health issues
    • Smoking is extremely dangerous to my health or is ruining my health
    • I have lost my sense of smell
    • It bothers me to be dependent on cigarettes
    • Smoking gives me very bad breath
    • I frequently have a sore throat from smoking
    • I would have more energy if I did not smoke
    • I fear that quitting smoking will make me gain weight.
      Quitting smoking does not make you gain weight. You gain weight by over-eating. The people who gain weight when they quit smoking are those who keep putting food in their mouth instead of cigarettes.
  • Cosmetic issues
    • My cigarette smoke leaves an unpleasant smell
    • I have nicotine stains on my fingers.
    • I am getting wrinkles from smoking.
    • My teeth are discolored from smoking.
  • Social issues
    • I am losing contact with my non-smoking friends
    • My second-hand smoke is dangerous to those around me
    • My cigarette smoke bothers other people
    • Sometimes I litter when I discard cigarette butts
  • Financial issues
    • I spend too much money on cigarettes
    • My life insurance premiums have increased
    • I burned holes in my clothing
    • My courtains need to be replaced because they have turned yellow

Strategies for Quitting
To quit smoking, you have to solve two problems:

1) you have to find out the psychological reasons why you smoke, and develop methods for dealing with all the aspects of your life so that you are not dependent on tobacco, and

2) you have to conquer your physical addiction to nicotine.

Your main strategy for quitting smoking will be to figure out what to do in all those situations where you smoke now. What are you going to do when you drink a cup of coffee? Just drink coffee. How about after meals or when you feel restless? If you don't have answers to these questions it will be a lot harder to quit smoking. Here are some techniques that will help:

  • Replace the pack of cigarettes with a talisman (e.g., a photo of a loved one) or a souvenir that reminds you of what you want to accomplish.
  • Don't carry matches or a lighter.
  • Avoid situations that you associate with smoking.
  • Keep busy to overcome the urge to smoke
  • Sit in the "no smoking" sections of public places
  • Remember the health risks of smoking
  • Focus on what you expect to gain by quitting.
  • Breathe deeply to fight off the desire to smoke
  • Drink plenty of water to remain hydrated.
  • Stay away from places where people smoke to avoid temptation.
  • Tell others about your effort to quit smoking
  • Ask friends and family for support to help you quit smoking. There are also Internet chat rooms that can provide you with support and ideas for remaining smoke-free.

Nicotine is as addictive as many illegal drugs. If you are a heavy smoker or a heavy user of chewing tobacco, quitting suddenly will be very uncomfortable because of the withdrawal symptoms. You will be irritable, you will have headaches, insomnia, chills, and you may feel shaky or nervous. You may also have a dry mouth, feel your heart racing, or break out in a sweat.

Methods to stop smoking:

  • All at once ("cold turkey")

Cold turkey is a food that requires little preparation, so to quit like "cold turkey" means to quit suddenly and without preparation. This method is most effective if you are not a heavy smoker. You can make a resolution to quit smoking when you go on vacation, for example. It will be easier to forget about smoking when you are in a new setting without the usual routine. Just make sure that before you go on vacation you discard all your tobacco, so that when you come back you will not be tempted to re-start. You can also choose the birthday of a loved one as a date to quit. This makes a very nice birthday present for someone who cares about you.

  • Gradually

You can stretch the time of misery but reduce the degree of suffering by quitting gradually. Set a two-week time frame during which you will reduce tobacco use in half every two days. If you smoke 10 cigarettes per day, smoke only 5 cigarettes for 2 days, then 3 for 2 days, then 2 for 2 days, then 1 for 2 days, and congratulations! You have quit. During the time that you are reducing tobacco use make sure that you are busy and have things to keep you occupied to take your mind away from smoking. Once you have smoked your last cigarette, throw away your cigarettes and replace your pack with your special talisman to remind you of why you stopped smoking. Every time that you subconsciously reach for your cigarettes, you will remember your special reason for quitting.

Some additional things that may help you reduce your smoking are:

    • Wait as long as you can before lighting your first cigarette of the day
    • Try to spend a whole evening without smoking
    • After meals, keep yourself busy rather than smoke
    • Keep a written log of your progress. Once you stop smoking, keep a tally of how many cigarettes you have not smoked and how much money you have saved.

  • Using nicotine patches, gums, or lozenges.

Some people prefer to quit by using transdermal or oral nicotine products that reduce the cravings for tobacco. The patches work slowly over many hours, whereas gum and lozenges act immediately and enable you to control the dosage, as needed. These products have the advantage of immediately eliminating the harmful smoke from tobacco, but they do not get rid of your addiction to nicotine unless you reduce their use over time. Instead of cigarettes, now you carry a pack of gum or lozenges. At some point you must wean yourself of this chemical dependency using the principles discussed above. The cost of these products is equivalent to a few cartons of cigarettes, but it is certainly worth it if you cannot quit by willpower alone. You can find these products at your local pharmacy, or you can order online.

By procrastinating in choosing one of the above methods to quit smoking, you are basically choosing the ultimate alternative — to smoke until you die. Death is a 100% effective way to stop smoking. You may not necessarily die of cancer or emphysema if you smoke, but the statistics are not in your favor for living a long, healthy life.

When you have smoked your last cigarette, throw out all your tobacco products in the trash or burn them in a bonfire. Do not give them to another smoker, and least of all to a friend. Discarding your tobacco is a ceremony similar to a funeral that says goodbye to an old way of life and starts you onto a new path. The hardest adjustment will be learning how to handle your relationships with family members and friends who still smoke. By quitting, you will be breaking a bond that you had with them. They will need to learn to respect your need for a smoke-free environment, and this is not easy if you share living accommodations or meet in areas that allow smoking. But let me tell you one thing, it can be done.

Welcome to my blog

Hey all…

Welcome to my blog.

From the moment I get up in the morning, even before I am fully conscious, my mind is bombarded with thoughts. Some of them are meaningful and the others are not quite so. I though why not start my blog where I can speak my heart out and get some of my thoughts out of my mind. I believe the name of the blog is quite self-explanatory so I am not going to speak much about it. But I would like to give credit to a certain friend of mine who helped me inculcate the habit of blabbering.

Here is a little something I wrote for myself:-

I am an animal, as free as they come,
Don’t try and cage me, or I will bite you and run.

Don’t mess with me, or you shall repent,
Though the act of war, I totally resent.

Don’t push me around, cause I am not the same,
Without a fight, defeat I shall not proclaim.

My philosophy in life, is to live and let live,
Though one thing I must try, is to learn to forgive.

I am usually cheerful, and rarely glum,
Because I am an animal, as free as they come.


The poet (that’s me :)) has named the poem Maverick which refers to him being free spirited. He metaphorically calls himself a wild animal, enjoying his freedom, just like animals do out there in the wild. His preference of the widdershin way of life, rather than the sequatious one can be clearly seen by his fear of being encaged. The poet like any wild animal, born in the wild is ready to fight tooth and nail for his freedom if he has to. The poet bares his teeth, at all the people wanting to pick at him and tantalize him without any provocation, but also clarifies that he does not fancy a fight. It is made clear that he shall no longer tolerate being pushed around, as he has changed now and will not give in to any badgering. The poet says, that he loves the idea of peaceful coexistence and adds to it that in order to coexist it is a prerequisite to be forgiving. In the end, the poet says that even through the sorrows of life, he maintains a cheerful nature, owing to the fact that he is as free as any wild animal out in the wild.

Well I guess I have done enough justice to the name of my blog and would like to end this post right here, hoping that you enjoyed reading it.