Monday, December 17, 2007

A drought for a couple of years, and then there were tears.

I was watching Roman Polanski’s The Pianist the other day when I first noticed it. I though I must have be mistaken and dismissed the thought. But then while watching Schindler's list, it happened again, and this time it was worse than before. It was awful. I had tears in my eyes, tears trickled down my cheeks. After a dry spell of two years, my eyes were wet again. Hats off to Steven Spielberg, who managed to trigger off such a reaction, with the help of a mere movie. My English teacher once told us that it wasn’t such a big thing to cry. She in fact encouraged crying (in the non-sadistic sense of course). According to her, crying, of all the other emotions, helped in the healing of the soul (whatever that means). Although I never tried suppressing my emotions (except anger sometimes), the last time I shed a tear was ages ago (One year, ten months to be precise). It was over a piece of paper, commonly known as a mark-sheet. Having belonged to an upper-middle intelligence-class, I had never before seen such a pathetic set of grades, and I started doubting myself. That was the last time I cried. I buried my head into my blanket, and sobbed till I went to sleep. The incident changed me a lot, for the better or worse, only time shall tell. A lot has happened ever since, but nothing had till now compelled me to shed a tear, until now. What is it about human suffering, that causes saline water to trickle out of my eyes??? Does the fact that all these were true stories, amplify the effect it has in our minds??? Even Freedom Writers made the corners of my eyes moist. I, for now, have stopped watching true and/or sad stories, n now stick to light hearted comedy movies only.


Ashraf's Pen said...

So Sem 3 mark sheet was traumatic[reverse engineering at work]. Let em go. I thought sem 4 would have been worse.

I think being human is also about experiencing emotions. Thats what makes us unique. Our emotions are so raw, so out of control.

"Bedard mohabbat ka itna sa hai afsaana,
Nazron se mili nazrein main ho gaya deewaana"

The above sher expresses it quite well. Anyway good cinema moves us.

Thats the beauty of films.

I can recount multiple pictures where I have howled my heart out. The ninth episode of Band of Brothers, American Beauty, Tears of the Sun etc.

Don't quit watching sentimental movies

Savour the movies.

To good movies and lots of wet handkerchiefs.

Cheers... hic

Wolfestine said...

Oh no... by sem 4...

I.♫.♪.♫.♪. Hadbecome ♪..♫. comfortablynumb.♫ ♪

Anyway... i think the solitude has something to do with it... I now watch fewer movies... n the ones that i watch, i watch more intently.

Thank you for the warning... I shall stay away from these movies.

Ashraf's Pen said...

Solitude acts in straight ways .

I am never moved by movies in a crowd

But then I am highly narcissistic

Wolfestine said...

You forget... So am I.

... According to your Personality Disorder Test.