Friday, December 28, 2007

My masterpiece

Poem & Sketch by Wolfestine

I first thought I should probably write a regular post expressing myself, but then slowly it transformed into a poem, which I started off trying to make sure it did not rhyme. But then as my thoughts started wandering, my little poem started rhyming. This one is deeper than the rest of my poems. I am sure what makes perfect sense to me is probably hard for you to understand. What I basically wanted to say is that there is this place in my head that is filled with thoughts, none of which are pleasant ones. Every incident where I made a fool of myself, come alive when I step into this place. Every time I have felt humiliated, every time I felt guilty. It’s like a pool of sorrow which tries to drown me. And like quicksand, it tries to pull me in. I swear to God, that I miss a beat, every time my thoughts tread into this awful place. I am guessing the people who do get stuck in places like these are the ones suffering from depression. This guy I know stayed in bed for six months, simply because he was suffering from the blues. Well anyway, I don't know about what you think, but this is probably the best poem i have ever written... My Masterpiece.


Ashraf's Pen said...

Nice poem Lovely background

Though its a little dark poem but I think it talks quite well about how our mind is our biggest enemy.

I have this eternal fear that people are mocking at me. Every moment I have to convince myself that it is not true.

Also I tend to imagine worst case scenarioes too easily.

But knowing our weakness gives us true strength

Wolfestine said...

Thank u... And BTW.. I call the sketch A Million-n-one strokes.

This poem is basically about the recurrent thoughts that haunt me, with one thought bringing along with it another... I agree it is a battle I have to fight within my mind... And that defeat is not an option.

Well in that case I guess u could add paranoia to ur list of shortcomings too :P

Hey... even i tend to imagine worst case scenarios a lot... but may be at is a mechanism to help us be better prepared for when it really matters.