Sunday, January 2, 2011

Me against myself.

As is customary for bloggers, I thought I'd go with the new year post as well, and to do so, I decided to bring back the how-goes-life graph I'd used a couple of years ago. But we will get to the graph later. So anyway, this year was in a way good, but over all not as satisfying, as I'd hoped it would be. Of course, I've changed a lot over this past year, more for the better than for the worse, but I don't like the new me. It's been a year filled with self-control, injected with spurts of momentary madness, but I have calmed down a lot, I believe this is what they call getting mature. Though I have alienated myself from quite a few people, and am lonely all of a sudden, but I also discovered, that I loved travelling alone. I believe I've made good progress at work this year, though I am bit unsure whether I have been able to do the same with respect to my career. It's been a year filled with mixed emotions. I realized, how much I loved to spend, and with it, I also experienced how insecure it felt to be broke. I barely watched any movies this past year, and also, barely listened to any music, and thus my year was kinda bland. This was a year I wondered a lot about my future, though I never decided on doing anything for it. May be that was a decision in itself. A lotta things started making sense this past year, and an equal amount, if not more, felt amiss. Let bygones be bygones, all that matters is that I survived. I hope I can untangle my life a bit in the year 2011. As for the how-goes-life graph, here it is...
Oh, and as for my resolutions for this year, I intend to lead a healthier lifestyle (better diet, and a bit of exercising) and to drive/ride slower.