Sunday, July 4, 2010

When life gives you sour grapes, smile.

Of lately I've realized that I have this strange kinda paranoia. In fact I am not even sure that I would be called paranoid, but I really don't have a word for it. It's like seasons, just like summers after winters, and winters after summers, it's something that's just bound to happen. Strangely though, with me it's become like you can't enjoy the ice-creams in summer worrying about the winters. Oh and I'm talking about the ups and downs of life. Each time I'm on a high, I worry about my next low, and wonder how steep a fall it'd be. I really do need to take the phrase "enjoy it while it lasts" seriously. Well, at the moment, life's uncertainties are really killing me, a million things on my mind, and really stressful days at work. Boy i need a life. So any way, there was this study they were talking about on TV, which said that smiling actually alters your mood, no matter how terrible you are feeling, and guess what, so far it does work, try it out.