Sunday, June 13, 2010

In the dark

I was watching The Lookout the other day, and it had this scene where this guy, Chris Pratt (this was the character's name, donno the actor's name) switches off the headlights of his car, as he encounters this swarm of fireflies. It's scary, you know, switching off your lights while riding/driving, not to mention disorienting, if it's pitch dark (yes, I have tried it out). So the other day it was pouring like hell, when I left for home, with raindrops the size of golf balls. It was like a scene from a bad movie where buckets and buckets of water are hurled at the actors. The situation was so bad that even cars had stopped on the sides of the roads, waiting for the down pour to stop. With the hazard lights blinking all through the way, it was really a relief to make it back home, safely. Of course I was listening to the (not exactly soothing) words of James Hetfield singing Unforgiven III all through the way. I have gone crazy listening to that song over and over again. I have played it on my way to and from work for atleast 5 days now. Work has been pretty hectic too of lately, and I honestly believe I don't have a life anymore, coz all i do is work or sleep. The last movie I watched (in a movie hall) was <*2-4 mins of thinking*> How to train a dragon iirc. I try to look a couple of years ahead in life, and all I see is darkness. It really is scary not knowing where you are headed. I wish I had more powerful headlights to look ahead in life. Coming back to headlights, I am wondering if I should put in those Xenon headlights in my bike. I recently put in a performance air filter in my bike and it has done wonders. I was getting in the mood to modify my bike, but sadly the rains ruined my plans. Also I think I'm a bit like JD from Scrubs sometimes, especially when I need to distract myself from stuff that disturbs me. My bike is one of those things thinking about which helps me do so. Anyway, I could go on and on about pointless stuff, not that there is anything wrong about it, but I need to sleep now. I have this wonderful flavour of nostalgia in my mouth I must get rid of before I sleep. Recently they started selling ice lollies from Mother Dairy here, and I am amazed that they still cost 5 bucks a stick. Anyway, now that I have started blogging again, hope to be back soon.