Thursday, October 6, 2011

How to make delicious chicken : Ginger Lemon Chicken

The other day I was really bored, so I decided to try my hand at cooking. Why cooking you may ask, well, I am kind of a foodie, and mostly my instincts about flavors that would go well are bang on. So anyway, it turned out to be really good, so I thought I'd put a post on cooking as well, here's how I went about it :

1. Collect the following ingredient :
  • Chicken - 500 gms
  • Lemons - 3-4
  • Ginger - One medium size piece, about 3/4th of the size shown in the image below
  • Garlic - 4-5 cloves
  • Rock Salt - To taste
  • White pepper - To taste
  • Green Chilly - 1-2
  • Olive oil - Enough to oil a pan
  • Herbs for seasoning (oregano, basil and parsley)
2. Wash and put the chicken in a container and stab it with a fork.
3. Grate or make a paste of the ginger, crush the garlic, squeeze the lemons, add rock salt and white pepper to taste, and deseed and add the green chilies and marinate for 6-12 hours.
4. Heat up a pan (preferably a grill pan) and grease it with a few teaspoons of olive oil.
5. Once the oil is warm enough, drain the marinade and add the chicken to the pan, put in some dried herbs of your choice.
6. Cook the chicken on a shallow flame, which is warm enough to keep the chicken sizzling, but not enough that the chicken gets burnt or cooks to quickly. Take at least 20 minutes cooking it turning it over and over again.
Voila... Making delicious chicken is as simple as that.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Shutdown -r

I am not someone who gives up easy, for I have had to fight for everything, but right now I am at a point where things have been rough for a long while, and I’m just plain tired. I am dissatisfied with everything, dissatisfied with life itself. How is it that you work hard to build something, and all of a sudden you get tired of it? I know I have been going on about change for a while now, but now it’s time. Wheels of change are in motion, and everything from this life must go, everything that makes me sad. I do not regret anything that I’ve done, for every incident, every scar teaches you something. I am just scared of what the future might hold. As a start, I’ve decided to lose the pot belly I’ve grown in the past few years, and have hence started pushing my body beyond what I thought it was capable of. I’ve grown fond of running. Nothing beats the feeling of having no thoughts at all, except the one about gulping down large volumes of air, and still being breathless. Sometimes I even get “runner’s high”. Fewer hours at work has been a side effect of this new addiction. There is a lot I have to set right. Recently, I read this blog post and really liked the analogy. I have realized that I have been concentrating so hard to get my pebbles in my jar, that I haven’t left much room for the rocks. It’s funny how it’s the rocks define you, yet the world judges you by your pebbles and sand. There were so may things I’d aimed at achieving, so many goals I’ve missed. I guess it’s time to reboot.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Scarred... For life?

When ever people interact, they inevitably scar each other. Now I don't mean actually physical scars (even though quite a few people have given me those as well :P ), but deeper metaphorical ones. The worst part is that there doesn't even have to be an exchange of words for people to affect you. Most times you are lucky, and the scars are only superficial, and soon disappear. Sometimes though, they last a lifetime. Moving on to actual physical scars (my inspiration for this post), each of em have a story to tell. Like this tiny black dot where I was stabbed with a pencil as a kid, or the scar near my lip where my sister hit me and I lied to my parents about it. Physical or metaphorical, I've got quite a few of them that appear that they would last me a lifetime. However, I think I'm ready to come out of my cocoon and be scarred again.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to erase memories and forget stuff?

Bored and frustrated, trying to distract myself from my monotonous life, I went and bought myself a camera. Yes it's a DSLR. Having always enjoyed photography, but never having ha decent camera, I bought phones with cameras which were ahead of their times, and I even clicked some decent pictures with em. However, when I used a friends camera over a road trip that we made, I was in awe of the control one could have over light. It took me a while to justify the expense (and to pool in the money) but eventually, I ended up buying one too. It's amazing how quickly I got comfortable using it, and now am even planning to buy lenses, filters and other stuff for it. I got a feeling, that my camera is gonna be a bigger white elephant than my bike, especially since I didn't earn when I was passionate about bikes, limiting my expenses, but now there is nothing holding me back. Oh, and for those of you who see things from my perspective and wish to follow me, you can Google my real name, and my photo blog does show up in the lower half of the first page. I've even started a Flickr stream if you'd like to follow me there.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The andro post.

So where have I been all this while? Well, "lost" is the word that best explains it. I have been in a world of my own, cut off from everybody, waiting. I have been wondering for a while now, as to what I am gonna do next, but all I end up doing is waiting. But now that I am back, I do hope I post another one soon. One, in which I can put down a lot more, for this is all I can type on my tiny phone. With hopes of being back soon, with a longer post, I leave you with a picture of my latest (though not so new anymore) possession.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Living on the edge

I was watching this movie the other day (too lazy to Google it's name) which had this line which went like "There is only so much failure a man can take". Now this was one line that sent chills down my spine. Sometimes I wonder whether I am on the edge, or have I been pushed off the ledge. I sure hope it's the former. Each morning, I wait for the day to end; Each Monday, I wait for the week to end; Each 1st I wait for the month to end. I wait, promising myself a better tomorrow. I really don't know, what I expect out of life, all I know is that I need a change. Change is a funny thing you know, at least for me it is. I look forward to it, and when it time for the change, I have a tendency to resist it. But then again, isn't change a quintessential requirement of life?

I'm hanging by my fingertips, I can't see what's below.
If only I could see beneath me, I might just let go.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Me against myself.

As is customary for bloggers, I thought I'd go with the new year post as well, and to do so, I decided to bring back the how-goes-life graph I'd used a couple of years ago. But we will get to the graph later. So anyway, this year was in a way good, but over all not as satisfying, as I'd hoped it would be. Of course, I've changed a lot over this past year, more for the better than for the worse, but I don't like the new me. It's been a year filled with self-control, injected with spurts of momentary madness, but I have calmed down a lot, I believe this is what they call getting mature. Though I have alienated myself from quite a few people, and am lonely all of a sudden, but I also discovered, that I loved travelling alone. I believe I've made good progress at work this year, though I am bit unsure whether I have been able to do the same with respect to my career. It's been a year filled with mixed emotions. I realized, how much I loved to spend, and with it, I also experienced how insecure it felt to be broke. I barely watched any movies this past year, and also, barely listened to any music, and thus my year was kinda bland. This was a year I wondered a lot about my future, though I never decided on doing anything for it. May be that was a decision in itself. A lotta things started making sense this past year, and an equal amount, if not more, felt amiss. Let bygones be bygones, all that matters is that I survived. I hope I can untangle my life a bit in the year 2011. As for the how-goes-life graph, here it is...
Oh, and as for my resolutions for this year, I intend to lead a healthier lifestyle (better diet, and a bit of exercising) and to drive/ride slower.