Friday, November 26, 2010

Here we go again.

The sun is out, there are these beautiful white clouds floating in the sky, and I am sitting here staring out my window; what a day to be gloomy. I'm still listening to "When they come for me", just that, now it is the only song in my playlist. The temperature around my place at work is fairly comfortable, a tad bellow shivering point; just the way I like it. Today I made changes to the only remaining project in my team, that I hadn't yet touched, yet I'm not happy. Someone at work, once asked me to be a little less polite, and I took his advice. I don't like this arrogant self of mine. There is a lot that is amiss, and I have no doubts that things would work themselves out soon. However, soon after I got up this morning, I was hit by something. Not something, but more of a lack of it. I see dark clouds looming ahead, at least for the next three months, if not more. Hoping to make it through dry. :( Anyway, I leave you with a latest addition to my incomplete Lines O' Rhymes document :

Some days I wake up and ask why.
I really wonder if life is a lie.
To get what you want, you work hard for.
And once you have it, you don't want it no more.
Needs change, wants change.
In a lifetime your requirements exhibit a whole lotta range.
I wonder why I can't think ahead.
I wonder why my mind can't be read.
Some days I wake up in a lot of pain.
Some days I wake up and think, "Here we go again"