Thursday, March 12, 2009

Is this how it all ends?

As is evident from my posts, I love... or rather, loved to ride. But strangely, of lately, the exhilaration that accompanied the acceleration has disappeared. I no longer enjoy riding fast, I just ride fast out of habit, in fact, sometimes the speeds make me uncomfortable. Near misses had never unnerved me before, but now each time I have a near miss, my heart starts pounding. I had always known that someday, I'd grow out of it, but I had no idea it'd be this soon. So the other day, I was riding, and there was this turn which at one point in my life I used to take at 80km/hr, because that was the speed you had to be at to scrape your footpegs on the road. But because of this vow that I'd taken to not to abuse my footpegs, I had slowed down considerably at corners. So like I was saying the other day, at this very corner, I was going pretty slowly, and there was other vehicle which came to a stop in the middle of the turn, so I had to take a deeper turn. Now the line which I took had some liquid spilled all along the bend, and I was praying that it doesn't turn out to be oil. Turns out it was oil, and I drifted about two feet sideways, before I could fully control my bike again. It was only because of the thrill that I used to from sliding around did I have experience in controlling a bike which only wants to go sideways, and that probably saved my life, because there was this car on the other side of the road, and there was no way the driver of the car could have avoided me had I slipped. And had I slipped, the only place I would have gone would have been under the car, and that wouldn't have been pleasant. It is ironic that only when I ride slow do I have these near misses. But this little incident fazed me, and I rode for over a kilometer with my heart in my mouth. I had always wanted to own a 500cc bullet, and it even topped my objects of desire list, well not anymore. I look back at the list now and apart from the items that I have acquired (which includes all the computer components) I don't want any of the other items anymore. Also, I found this wonderful little butterfly picture, on the festival of colours, as a wallpaper to this theme on my phone, and I googled for it n finally found it. I made it a bit duller to set it as the background of my blog, replacing the on the road again image. Here's the original image if anybody would like to have it.It is probably photoshopped, but I like this image a lot n now it is the wallpaper on my phone, my desktop, and my blog. Oh n in case you haven't noticed, childish or not, Wolfestine is back, because the Weaver has to go.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dreams, desires and failure

Dreams, Desires & Failure

I wish, I wish, for a million things.
But in my mind, this question springs.
For which of these wishes, do I yearn?
In my mind starts, this fray in turn.
I know they all cannot come true.
And that this shouldn't turn my world to blue.
But for some reason, it pushes me under.
And once again, I begin to wonder.
Which of these wishes do I earn?
I guess with time, the answer I'll learn.
Meanwhile, I won't let, my failures sting.
As the most out of life, I shall try and wring.