Thursday, November 29, 2007

Appreciate everything.

Hey there people... here's another one of my childish rhymes. Do notice the cool rhyme scheme I have managed to belt out this time.


Blessed are those, who pain, have seen,

For it’s them, who know, what happiness does mean.

Cares more about life, than you, a teen,

About to die, sickeningly lean.

In England, go and ask the queen,

Draped in clothes with a silky sheen.

Does she care, for the soup in her tureen?

And then there’s a homeless, who’d kill for a bean.

How does one keep a garden green?

By wasting water, in amounts obscene?

To know the value, of water, clean,

Travel to a desert, with an empty canteen.

People who always appear pristine,

Also lose their cool, umpteen,

Cussing at people, exhibiting spleen,

Lessons in life they also glean.

The future holds what, who has foreseen,

Something lying around dirty, unclean;

Could also someday bring about, preen.

So nothing in life, should you ever demean.

Nothing in life should you ever demean.


Ashraf's Pen said...

Nice poetry

Like it

Btw I added a link to your blog on mine

Wolfestine said...

Thanks... You are the only one who ever appreciates my two bit rhymes.

Thanks for that too... I too promise to add a link to your blog when i make a column of links.

Ashraf's Pen said...

I shall bide the day. :)

Its not all that tough though(creating a collumn)

Ashraf's Pen said...

Plus I just dont appreciate ur rhymes.

I beleive u have great potential as a poet


Wolfestine said...

Thanks... But that seriously there sounds a bit fishy :P... Anyway... I have another one of em (poems) ready which i intend to post shortly (I like hoarding posts :D)... This (new, about to be posted) one i believe could be called my masterpiece... Though i am not sure how clear i am in expressing myself in it. (Don't the last two statements sound contradictory???)

PS: It is tough deciding what all links to add there in the links column.