Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sad but true

Sad but true

Riding my bike, in delight,

I had to stop, at a red light.

I saw a man cross the street,

And in his hand, he carried a treat.

All of a sudden, the light turned green,

And all the others, just had to careen.

In the confusion, his packet slipped,

His food I saw scattered, as my eyes dipped.

There was nothing he could do, but look in dismay,

And I thought about him, all through the way.

Would he go hungry, would he buy some food?

Had I stopped and helped him, would have I been rude?


no.good.at.coding said...

That's so sad. I would never know what to do in a situation like this...

Ashraf's Pen said...

I am also not sure what I would have done?

Its a tragedy how heartless our society, how so many people starve, how it is so easy to become destitute especially if one has no family support.

Its perhaps because of this I have a bit of a soft spot for socialist policies.