Monday, November 26, 2007

OMG!!! The death of the internet.

It was there in the business section of the newspaper a couple of days ago. But I didn't take it that seriously. It is there again in today's newspaper, and now I am worried about it. Come year 2010, and the internet connection is gonna go KAPUT!!! And guess who will be responsible for it. It'll be me, and you, and quite a few other people who are never gonna come across this blog. Apparently studies show that at the rate at which the internet is growing, and because of the pressure we are putting on the existing infrastructure, your broadband connection is gonna end up becoming highly unstable. And unless nearly 137 Billion Dollars (US) (if my memory serves me right) is invested, i.e. about 60% more than what investors are ready to invest, the internet is not gonna look like the way we have gotten used to seeing it. Unless something is done to bridge the gap, "rich media" sites (like youtube and other sites requiring large amounts of data transfer) are gonna be a thing of the past. Emphasis is gonna be laid on sites being more efficient in the amount of data transfered. I still can't grasp the idea of life without internet, although it is gonna make little difference to my blog. I shall continue to type my posts offline, and since hardly anybody visits my blog, its not gonna make much of a difference. Which reminds me, I finally got my first visitor since I installed a page hit counter (Yeah! the rest of the page hits were by me. Over two weeks and just one page hit. Man! I felt dejected.). The good ol' navigational bar finally remembered my blog. Oh! n it was one of those Internet explorer Users. I thought those things were extinct. Apparently not so in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, 'cause that's were the visitor was from. BTW I don't criticize each n every visitor, and would like to thank Ms. Red Queen, whose comment was analogous to CPR for my blog.
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I would take such reports with a pinch of salt. Apparently they're exaggerated for profits and stuff. There's enough dark fiber to pick way more load than is currently required. The problem is usually with the last mile and providers don't want to spend more giving consumers a better experience. So they try to charge them for stuff that they already are capable of providing.

And even when the bandwidth is completely saturated, it will always come down to supply and demand: if you want more, you pay premium prices. Till the supply exceeds the demand and you can look forward to a major drop in prices till the next cycle starts.

Wolfestine said...

Hmmm... I Hadn't heard of Dark Fibers... But if there are adequate dark fibers, I guess they are saving it for the premium customers as you say... I think the ISPs should be charged with profiteering... 'cause the same principles of demand and supply also imply here.

I'm well aware of the last mile problem... It took me 6 months to convince an ISP to walk the last mile... Reminds me of the movie the Green Mile... Which reminds me that the feed to your movie review blog isn't available... Sorry... Just doing justice to the name of my blog.

Anyway... looking forward to cheaper browsing... While it lasts...