Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Efficiency Theorem

Fanatics, all over the world, are going crazy trying to figure out means of increasing the efficiency of devices all around us. From the cars we drive, to the cell phones we use, music players, the processors of our computers, air conditioners, even simple things like light bulbs, practically everything around us has been tweaked, to be more efficient in what they do. But what about the human brain I ask? Isn’t there a way to tweak it a lil’ bit (without causing any harm to us) ? From common observation, I have derived (without all those needless calculations) something I would like to a call, The Efficiency Theorem, defined in simple terms as Efficiency is always higher, when your ass in on fire. Every time there is a task at hand, people inevitably tend to temporize. Procrastination is hardwired into most human brains. In no matter what we do, our efficiency always increases as the deadline approaches. Sitting on stuff isn’t always harmful. In fact it provides respite from the monotonous and mundane life. It adds excitement to life. If you start working on a project too hard too soon, you are bound to run out of steam before your project ends. Start too late and you miss the deadline. Think of this process as analogous to the working of an internal combustion engine. It is all in the timing. Set the spark (that’s spray in the fuel in case of a diesel engine) too soon and you get knocking. A bit too late and its equally harmful. So I’d like to advise you to linger on, but mind you, not for too long.

2 comments: said...

He he; so true; I always run out steam because I start off way over-enthusiastic!

Wolfestine said...

I on the other hand, always start a wee bit too late... Don't you think every task in life should come equipped with a staged light... the kind they have for racing???