Friday, December 28, 2007

My masterpiece

Poem & Sketch by Wolfestine

I first thought I should probably write a regular post expressing myself, but then slowly it transformed into a poem, which I started off trying to make sure it did not rhyme. But then as my thoughts started wandering, my little poem started rhyming. This one is deeper than the rest of my poems. I am sure what makes perfect sense to me is probably hard for you to understand. What I basically wanted to say is that there is this place in my head that is filled with thoughts, none of which are pleasant ones. Every incident where I made a fool of myself, come alive when I step into this place. Every time I have felt humiliated, every time I felt guilty. It’s like a pool of sorrow which tries to drown me. And like quicksand, it tries to pull me in. I swear to God, that I miss a beat, every time my thoughts tread into this awful place. I am guessing the people who do get stuck in places like these are the ones suffering from depression. This guy I know stayed in bed for six months, simply because he was suffering from the blues. Well anyway, I don't know about what you think, but this is probably the best poem i have ever written... My Masterpiece.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Adidas = Pot ???

Every time I look at the (old) Adidas logo, I am reminded of a marijuana leaf? No… I am not a pot-head, though I have always wondered what smoking weed feels like. I even managed to get myself a joint fixed once, but didn’t have the guts to light it up. I’ve heard that grass has a very sweet high (No idea what that means), and the better your mood is, the sweeter the high. So the next time you see a guy who has a constant nostalgic smile pasted on his face, for like say forever, chances are that he is high. Someone once told me that this is one thing you must try out. But I guess you can’t experience everything in a lifetime. Oh!!! and I almost forgot... The question I had in my mind was that did they design their logo that way on purpose, following the trends of the 60's n 70's??? Or was it just coincidence???

The world's bestest job.

In about an year and a half, I would finally be passing out of an engineering college, to probably assume the job of one amongst the millions of IT professionals, with a dream of getting admission into a B-School still in my mind. But what would I deem fit to be the best job I could ever have??? Well I could kill for the job of a BBC Presenter. And not just the presenter of any show, I’d like to have the job of a presenting the show Top Gear. In other words, I’d like to be in the shoes of Jeremy Clarkson. Jeremy Clarkson has been hosting Top Gear and quite a few other motoring and also some traveling shows for BBC since for as long as I remember watching television. In fact he has been associated with the Top gear ever since 1988... that makes the show almost as old as the show The Bold And The Beautiful which premiered in 1987 (as time runs into decades, an year barely matter ; ) ). Jeremy Clarkson is like the Oprah of the motoring world (Oprah BTW has been on air with her show since 1986... Damn!!! her show is almost as old as I am) Top gear isn’t like your average auto-review show where the presenter simply shows you stationary cars at auto-shows and rides simulators. This show is filled with excitement (i.e., if you are a guy :P ). These guys, they race cars, with not only other cars, but with vans, trucks, buses, boats, planes (man was that cool) and even with the London underground. They have track races, drag races, drift races, destruction derbies and even those cool eight figured races. They build cars, modify em, and they even destroy em. Theses people, when they take their cars on the test track, they push these cars to the limit and they burn so much rubber, I can almost smell it through the TV. So, given a chance to have any job in the world, I’d opt for that of Jeremy Clarkson.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Redefining the laws of physics.

I am sick and tired of "action movies" which have totally unrealistic action scenes. Most such movies have guns being fired in them. I am sure you have heard of the term recoil. A recoil is a backward impulse exerted by a gun, whenever it is fired. A recoil is based on one of the most fundamental laws of physics known as Newton's third law of motion, the simplified versions of which states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So when a bullet goes forward, the gun goes backwards, the extent of which is defined by the second law of motion (the one about the conservation of momentum). Most Hollywood movies do have recoiling guns but I am yet to see a hindi movie which incorporates the idea of a recoil. One of the best examples of recoil would be the scene from Men In Black where Will Smith fires his miniature gun, only to be thrown back by 10 feet or so. But that was fiction, and hence the amplified recoil. And then there is the other part when the gun is fired, the reaction of the person who was shot at. No I am not talking about the pain and stuff, which i am sure is nothing more than a sting initially because of the shock and adrenaline, I am talking about how much the person/object being shot at is thrown back. This is one thing that sometimes even the big shots in Hollywood mess up, while some Indian directors may get it right too. If a gun is fired and it causes a recoil which only causes the person shooting the gun to jerk his wrist, how come the "bad guys" go airborne??? There is only one thing that could initiate such a reaction, the bullet itself needs to have some sort of jet propulsion system, like say may be some propulsion unit activated right after the bullet leaves the muzzle of the gun <*rolling over with laughter*> that gives it the extra momentum. Jokes apart, guns are dangerous and so is their recoil. The recoil of an assault rifle could even dislocate your shoulder if the gun isn't properly held. But still people like Bruce Willis are gonna keep firing their rifles one handed, 'cause action heroes will be action heroes and they ain't gonna let a tinsy-winsy recoil hamper their image.

Monday, December 17, 2007

A drought for a couple of years, and then there were tears.

I was watching Roman Polanski’s The Pianist the other day when I first noticed it. I though I must have be mistaken and dismissed the thought. But then while watching Schindler's list, it happened again, and this time it was worse than before. It was awful. I had tears in my eyes, tears trickled down my cheeks. After a dry spell of two years, my eyes were wet again. Hats off to Steven Spielberg, who managed to trigger off such a reaction, with the help of a mere movie. My English teacher once told us that it wasn’t such a big thing to cry. She in fact encouraged crying (in the non-sadistic sense of course). According to her, crying, of all the other emotions, helped in the healing of the soul (whatever that means). Although I never tried suppressing my emotions (except anger sometimes), the last time I shed a tear was ages ago (One year, ten months to be precise). It was over a piece of paper, commonly known as a mark-sheet. Having belonged to an upper-middle intelligence-class, I had never before seen such a pathetic set of grades, and I started doubting myself. That was the last time I cried. I buried my head into my blanket, and sobbed till I went to sleep. The incident changed me a lot, for the better or worse, only time shall tell. A lot has happened ever since, but nothing had till now compelled me to shed a tear, until now. What is it about human suffering, that causes saline water to trickle out of my eyes??? Does the fact that all these were true stories, amplify the effect it has in our minds??? Even Freedom Writers made the corners of my eyes moist. I, for now, have stopped watching true and/or sad stories, n now stick to light hearted comedy movies only.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

And I still love it

It’s big... It’s loud... It’s heavy... And it ain’t that pretty.

It leaks oil from a million places... And some people claim their bikes mark their territory.

It ain’t fuel-efficient... Digs into your pocket if you are a student.

It goes down hard, if it ever does... Fall down and it’s more than your head that requires protection.

Its gears don’t budge easy... Even after you get a hang of shifting em.

It has a mean back-kick... It may even break your leg.

If it doesn’t start... Pushing it could be a real pain.

It’s cables (clutch, brake, accelerator) break often... It will eventually turn you into a mechanic.

Then what is it about a bullet that attracts people towards it???

... Most people, I fear, will never get it.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Why "The Urge To Blabber"???

Ever since I remember, I loved writing. In class 3, when trying to seek admission in a convent school, I was to write a paragraph, though I don’t remember what it was on, I remember the mother (Dean of the school) there pointing out the abundance of spelling mistakes in my incomplete essay. Incomplete, because I was a slow writer (and still am) and had run out of time. I distinctly remember her pointing out that I had spelt ground as groung (It was the last word in my paragraph). Oh! And now I remember, the sentence had something to do with an elephant being chained to the ground. It was probably an essay on the circus. Anyway, by humiliating me (did I mention it was in front of my sister) she had in some way suppressed my desire to write. And if you are wondering whether I got admission in that school, I don’t remember bothering to check, since the school was across the river, and my mum didn’t want me n my sis to commute in a ferry. Then again, somewhere in class 5-6, there was this conversation between the moon n me that I had to imagine and write. And the title that I chose was A tête-a-tête with the moon. I remember that a few of my friends ridiculed the title. That was the end of my quest for building a verbose vocabulary. Time went by and I changed a lot, no longer being influenced by others criticism, I turned into this wall, never giving in the slightest bit. And so without any time limits to adhere to and with a faithful word-processor to correct my spelling and in some cases even my grammatical mistakes, I started my own blog. Since all I intend to do here is talk nineteen to the dozen, I decide to name it The Urge To Blabber.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Why Wolfestine???

One morning, when I got up n looked in the mirror, I saw a sleepy eyed hirsute monster-like creature staring back at me. That was an year ago when I was going through a rough time. I hadn’t been to a barber for over a year, and hadn’t shaved for the past six months then. I had turned into a glutton, gorging on food, all day long. I was now huge n ugly. This reminded me of Frankenstein, probably the most popular monster ever. And the shaggy looks, made me feel like a werewolf. So when faced by the dilemma of choosing a nickname for myself, it was these two words that I merged to form my new nickname. I first thought Wolverine sounded cool. After all it had been my LAN name for quite a while. But it was the abundance of the name that discouraged me to go for it. Although a cool character from the X-men, I didn’t want to be known as a rodent. So to make it sound like my previous nickname, I simply merged Eerewolf and Frankenstein, to make the name a bit more phonetic. And this is how Wolfestine was born.