Sunday, December 16, 2007

And I still love it

It’s big... It’s loud... It’s heavy... And it ain’t that pretty.

It leaks oil from a million places... And some people claim their bikes mark their territory.

It ain’t fuel-efficient... Digs into your pocket if you are a student.

It goes down hard, if it ever does... Fall down and it’s more than your head that requires protection.

Its gears don’t budge easy... Even after you get a hang of shifting em.

It has a mean back-kick... It may even break your leg.

If it doesn’t start... Pushing it could be a real pain.

It’s cables (clutch, brake, accelerator) break often... It will eventually turn you into a mechanic.

Then what is it about a bullet that attracts people towards it???

... Most people, I fear, will never get it.

2 comments: said...

I, for one, do not get it. I never liked the Bullet; I prefer sports bikes. But I only go by the looks so I dunno...but it is comfortable for sure!

Wolfestine said...

You need to ride it too believe it...
I rode my 1st bullet (a 1970's model in a pretty bad shape) and decided i needed one 2... I let one of my friends ride mine, and he too went in for one... He was goin to buy a pulsar within a week of the ride... It's usually love at first ride. So if you haven't ridden it... go for a test ride and the chances of you not returning with an ear to ear grin are slim.

Had this been the US, it would have been the cult that would have kept the company going... But this is India... n the product need to have something in it to keep it selling.

For the complaining riders, who love the feel of a RE (Royal Enfield) but have qualms of its quirks... They have launched (and will be launching more) new models which refine the beast.

The best feature of the bike is that it is rock solid at a 100 KMPH... even on Pune roads (read off roads)

It is infact a multi-genre bike... You could take it offroading... take it for drag racing... take it for cruising... or even for the boring city ride... It wouldn't disappoint you.

I can keep goin on n on about the bike but I will speak more about it in future posts.