Monday, December 10, 2007

Why Wolfestine???

One morning, when I got up n looked in the mirror, I saw a sleepy eyed hirsute monster-like creature staring back at me. That was an year ago when I was going through a rough time. I hadn’t been to a barber for over a year, and hadn’t shaved for the past six months then. I had turned into a glutton, gorging on food, all day long. I was now huge n ugly. This reminded me of Frankenstein, probably the most popular monster ever. And the shaggy looks, made me feel like a werewolf. So when faced by the dilemma of choosing a nickname for myself, it was these two words that I merged to form my new nickname. I first thought Wolverine sounded cool. After all it had been my LAN name for quite a while. But it was the abundance of the name that discouraged me to go for it. Although a cool character from the X-men, I didn’t want to be known as a rodent. So to make it sound like my previous nickname, I simply merged Eerewolf and Frankenstein, to make the name a bit more phonetic. And this is how Wolfestine was born.


Ashraf's Pen said...

I like the nickname

Its quite 'You'

A nickname esp when we choose it has to be personal

Nice blog keep it up

Wolfestine said...

Once again... Thanks is all I can say :)