Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Adidas = Pot ???

Every time I look at the (old) Adidas logo, I am reminded of a marijuana leaf? No… I am not a pot-head, though I have always wondered what smoking weed feels like. I even managed to get myself a joint fixed once, but didn’t have the guts to light it up. I’ve heard that grass has a very sweet high (No idea what that means), and the better your mood is, the sweeter the high. So the next time you see a guy who has a constant nostalgic smile pasted on his face, for like say forever, chances are that he is high. Someone once told me that this is one thing you must try out. But I guess you can’t experience everything in a lifetime. Oh!!! and I almost forgot... The question I had in my mind was that did they design their logo that way on purpose, following the trends of the 60's n 70's??? Or was it just coincidence???


Ashraf's Pen said...

I had not seen the old Adidas logo but now that you point it out I can see the similarity.

But I am not sure if a large company would do so.

As I learnt on Wikipedia, the company is rather old plus its always been about three stripes

Wolfestine said...

I c the three stripes... now that you mentioned it :P But the first thing u notice is the three leaves... U never know if it was a publicity stunt gone unnoticed by ppl... May be they were trying to affect the customers at a subconscious level... I smell something fishy man... may be it was a conspiracy to get ppl to turn abulic (just by looking at the image) n buy their stuff... U never know.