Sunday, February 13, 2011

Living on the edge

I was watching this movie the other day (too lazy to Google it's name) which had this line which went like "There is only so much failure a man can take". Now this was one line that sent chills down my spine. Sometimes I wonder whether I am on the edge, or have I been pushed off the ledge. I sure hope it's the former. Each morning, I wait for the day to end; Each Monday, I wait for the week to end; Each 1st I wait for the month to end. I wait, promising myself a better tomorrow. I really don't know, what I expect out of life, all I know is that I need a change. Change is a funny thing you know, at least for me it is. I look forward to it, and when it time for the change, I have a tendency to resist it. But then again, isn't change a quintessential requirement of life?

I'm hanging by my fingertips, I can't see what's below.
If only I could see beneath me, I might just let go.