Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to erase memories and forget stuff?

Bored and frustrated, trying to distract myself from my monotonous life, I went and bought myself a camera. Yes it's a DSLR. Having always enjoyed photography, but never having ha decent camera, I bought phones with cameras which were ahead of their times, and I even clicked some decent pictures with em. However, when I used a friends camera over a road trip that we made, I was in awe of the control one could have over light. It took me a while to justify the expense (and to pool in the money) but eventually, I ended up buying one too. It's amazing how quickly I got comfortable using it, and now am even planning to buy lenses, filters and other stuff for it. I got a feeling, that my camera is gonna be a bigger white elephant than my bike, especially since I didn't earn when I was passionate about bikes, limiting my expenses, but now there is nothing holding me back. Oh, and for those of you who see things from my perspective and wish to follow me, you can Google my real name, and my photo blog does show up in the lower half of the first page. I've even started a Flickr stream if you'd like to follow me there.