Thursday, January 1, 2009

Adieu from Wolfestine

I'd like to wish all those people who happen to stumble upon this blog a very happy 2009. As is evident, I haven't been posting that often, off lately. The reason for this is not that I have stopped writing, it's just that I don't publish what I write. I know it sounds a bit eccentric, but 2008 hasn't been kind to me, and all this was reflected in my writing. Some posts were a bit too profane, while others a bit too profound, but most of them were left incomplete. Even the funny little poems that I wrote exhibited similar trends. 2008 was an year which made me lose my appetite and my sleep. Just to elaborate what I mean, I have made a little graph that shows the measure of happiness and sorrow on a scale of one to ten. Oh and I made a little mistake, which would be too much of an effort to mend. The name of the month appears at where the month ends. Also this is my last post as Wolfestine, as it now sounds a bit too childish to me. I am for the time being using the alias of 'The Weaver', because of the way I habitually weave through traffic. I am thinking of more cooler name, so if you have any suggestions, please go ahead and post me a comment.

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