Sunday, June 3, 2007

Welcome to my blog

Hey all…

Welcome to my blog.

From the moment I get up in the morning, even before I am fully conscious, my mind is bombarded with thoughts. Some of them are meaningful and the others are not quite so. I though why not start my blog where I can speak my heart out and get some of my thoughts out of my mind. I believe the name of the blog is quite self-explanatory so I am not going to speak much about it. But I would like to give credit to a certain friend of mine who helped me inculcate the habit of blabbering.

Here is a little something I wrote for myself:-

I am an animal, as free as they come,
Don’t try and cage me, or I will bite you and run.

Don’t mess with me, or you shall repent,
Though the act of war, I totally resent.

Don’t push me around, cause I am not the same,
Without a fight, defeat I shall not proclaim.

My philosophy in life, is to live and let live,
Though one thing I must try, is to learn to forgive.

I am usually cheerful, and rarely glum,
Because I am an animal, as free as they come.


The poet (that’s me :)) has named the poem Maverick which refers to him being free spirited. He metaphorically calls himself a wild animal, enjoying his freedom, just like animals do out there in the wild. His preference of the widdershin way of life, rather than the sequatious one can be clearly seen by his fear of being encaged. The poet like any wild animal, born in the wild is ready to fight tooth and nail for his freedom if he has to. The poet bares his teeth, at all the people wanting to pick at him and tantalize him without any provocation, but also clarifies that he does not fancy a fight. It is made clear that he shall no longer tolerate being pushed around, as he has changed now and will not give in to any badgering. The poet says, that he loves the idea of peaceful coexistence and adds to it that in order to coexist it is a prerequisite to be forgiving. In the end, the poet says that even through the sorrows of life, he maintains a cheerful nature, owing to the fact that he is as free as any wild animal out in the wild.

Well I guess I have done enough justice to the name of my blog and would like to end this post right here, hoping that you enjoyed reading it.


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