Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who Am I???

I am an engineering student and am not scoring so well in my examinations, so I decided it would be wise to start preparing for MBA as a backup plan ;). So in order to bell the CAT (or at least to try and do so) I joined these classes where in the first class, we were asked to write about a 100 words about ourself. This really got me wondering... Who am I??? All I had to do was write a 100 words, but it took me a little over 45 minutes to write something that didn't even describe me. How does one describe oneself??? Most of the people in the class started with their names (which is good for an introduction), followed by where they were born and brought up, their educational background, what they were up to these days, some mentioned their hobbies, while some even went to the extent of describing their parents profession. Are these the things that describe a person? If yes, then I ain't satisfied... If no, then what does really define a person??? Someone once said that a name defines a person, just like a person defines a name. I believe, that the actions of a person are a better way of judging that person. But how does one put actions in words??? Something just isn't right. You can't just go around bragging about your good deeds to define yourself... And most people don't narrate the inappropriate things they do. I guess you should just leave it up to the other person to judge you... Don't you??? It just isn't fair to you to be asked to write something about yourself without sounding the least bit pretentious.

2 comments: said...

I know what you mean, I mean, those things are supposed to help you discover/ understand yourself except they almost always start turning out into egotistical prose until you go over them and tone it down a little :D

Wolfestine said...

One difference that i noticed was amongst the guys who were working and the ones who were still studying (wrt maturity level). The people with jobs went on more about their own qualities, promoting themselves, where as the student crowd inevitably went about blabbering about their parents, school, college etc. I, after being bombarded by the theme of this post, kept my introduction as vague as possible, trying not to include anybody else in it. Those were probably the most tactful 100 words i have ever written. I still have no idea as to how should one appropriately introduce oneself, in a 100 words, during an interview.