Saturday, February 2, 2008

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

On thursday, 31st of Jan '08, at about 3 in the afternoon, i got this call from a classmate of mine, sounding as though he would burst out crying any moment. He kept saying something about this friend of mine trying to commit suicide. This friend of mine, Abysmal (Make that Abby) is one of those happy go lucky kinda guys, who's always had a smile on his face. Why would Abby wanna kill himself??? i asked myself. Well anyway, I did call up a few ppl who lived close to his place, n soon there were ppl looking over for him all over the city. Turned out Abby was serious about the suicide thing... and had wrote a suicide note in his ex-girlfriend's scrapbook (in orkut). This is the actual suicide note, and reading it only shows how inconsiderate Abby had been.I mean what kind of a #$%^&*(*&%^&*%$%^&*!@$#% tries to kill himself over a girlfriend he had broken up with him over 6 months ago... And seriously... even if he does love her so much... He should have done it without disturbing her... Without all the dramatic shit. In case you are wondering what he tried to do to himself... All he told me was that he had an injection inside him (I did not ask him what he tried to inject himself with... And I never will either) and it was then that the name Shirdi came to his mind n so Abby set off to Shirdi... On a devotional trip... Only to return to his parents. Hallelujah!!!


dead~shot said...

i made a mistake Wolverine..
while i had the chance, i never told abby about THE purpose in life..
tell me, is he fine..?
and i like ur writing..

Wolfestine said...

Keep up with the times old man... The name's Wolfestine...
U sure u know who Abby is???
He's fine now... Went home for a week... came back with his mum... And now disappeared again... I hear he's gone back to Del.
Thank You Sir :) said...

Ok, I don't know the guy or the circumstances but I've always felt that suicide was a cowards way out. And you're right, to do it this way, letting people know so publicly simply reeks of attention grabbing tactics. Enough said, hopefully he came to his senses and found enough strength in friends and family. said...

Ok, not enough I guess. What is with the youth today? Every other day there's an article in the paper about jilted lovers maiming their 'girlfriends'. I mean, WTF? This is what you claim is 'love'??

Bah, I can't go on without lapsing into profanities.

Wolfestine said...

I know... there is probably nothing more pusillanimous than suicide. It was really disturbing to have an untraceable friend and such a note on orkut.
Reading in the newspaper is much different from experiencing it in real life (I don't mean it in reference to maimed "girlfriends"). It makes you wonders, what you could have done to have averted such a tragedy, and you blame yourself for not being a close enough friend to him. Until he picked up his phone, 8 hours later, we were all expecting the worst.
When you hear about such a thing, you are deluged with such complex emotions that there aren't many words, that aren't derogatory, which can describe what you feel.