Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The culling of a Nation!!!

Could somebody please explain to me what is going on in my country???
Yesterday after attending college, when I reached the college gate, I was informed that I was not allowed to leave for home. Apparently there was violence in the city (Pune) and we were being detained for our own safety. This time the violence wasn't a battle of the religions (thankfully)... but rather shockingly a regional one. MNS, the excretory product evacuated from Shiv Sena, had motivated the unemployed youth of the state to thrash any n every person in Maharashtra, not belonging to the state, for apparently taking away the jobs meant for Maharashtran folks. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. A couple of days later, an MNS leader is hatched down, and a suspect in this case is murdered the next day. Raj Thakeray, the founder of MNS is arrested a day later, and that is what sparked today's violence. The college authorities took the decision of locking us all in till they thought it was safe to let us go. Sitting in the cafeteria, sipping coffee, inhaling second-hand smoke, there we were, cussing at the ignorant youth of the nation. From what I see, the situation can get a lot worse than this. What if the people from UP & Bihar, who were the main targets of the rioting youth, decided it was time to get rid of all the Maharashtrans from their stated too? A guy could disappear in any of these two states and no one would even come to know (or bother to look either). I do not have much faith in Gujarat either, and West Bengal too. Half of the country would go up in flames. These political parties are doing exactly what the British Raj tried to do to us (Divide n rule), and we are still suffering because of what happened 61 year ago (Indo-Pak partition). Politicians have gerrymandered most states, on the basis of religion n region, vitiating the fabric of secularism. Whatever happened to the Preamble of India (Sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic Republic)??? Go ask these politicians if they even know what the preamble means. There was this show on MTV a couple of years back, where on independence day, they asked the leaders of the nation some basic questions, like from top to bottom, what are the colours of the national flag? And half of the MPs got it wrong. Except for a couple of them, no one knew the national song. These are the ignorant people who are leading the country. With the exception of Rajiv Gandhi (age 40 at the time of his election), there hasn't been a young Prime Minister this country has seen. And it probably was the sympathy of his mother's assassination that helped in the election of such a young leader. The time has come that the youth steps up and takes control of the nation. And by youth I do not mean extremists like Raj Thakeray, but rather the educated youth, the kind that the recent Lead India series is working on. I believe that it is the media that can bring about a revolution in the country. For the drastic changes required to change this country can only be initiated by them.


Ashraf's Pen said...

Well these are tough times.

Divisive organizations such as the MNS are perhaps even worse than terrorists because terrorist have little support in the country, while these organizations over a period of time will nullify the sense of a nation.

And mark my words , these parties have many educated supporters too.

We could begin by ensuring more secular and tolerant education in schools.

The message still exists but it is not reaching through.

Wolfestine said...

I spoke to the moon the other day n he said he saw these guys close down a market in a matter of seconds, with ppl running around, n the moon was right in the middle of it all. Another guy (a friend of a friend) was stopped at around 10:30 that night pretty close to where u are. I went out shopping that night n nearly all the places were closed... I believe Raj Thakeray achieved what he intended to.

Yeah right... like they could do that (secular and tolerant education in schools) They are still fighting over the contents of class 10th history books.