Thursday, February 21, 2008

Life at 40 km/hr

Today I decided that it is finally time that I altered my riding style and slowed down, hence reducing my need for braking. I am telling you, riding at 40 km/hr sure is strenuous. I limited myself to a max. speed of 50 km/hr and only once accidentally exceeded this speed limit I set, because of a downward slope. I rode on the left-most side of the road and kept behind other two-wheelers, and apart from exactly four places, I did not rev up my engine more than what people normally do. There were no skids today, and I am proud of that. I did feel a little sleepy at first, but the music kept me awake. Then towards the end, my muscles started cramping. Apart from one place where I jumped a divider, I rode like I imagined a 40 yr old would. Today I did not ride, I commuted.

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