Friday, April 3, 2009

What's so good about this morning?

So it's 6:30 AM n I am up early today. God I hate getting up early, it makes me all sulky throughout the day. N now that I think about it it, there is a lot to sulk about. Slept early yesterday night (12 AM implies early), because there was this power cut. Any way I get up at 4:30, n twist n turn around in my bed, till I knock the TV remote off the edge of the bed at around 6. That was when I realized I had this strange feeling in my stomach. It had been so long since I had felt hunger, that I had almost forgotten how it felt. What I also had forgotten was that it was almost as bad as not being hungry. I wondered what I should be doing after getting up this early. My first thoughts were to go for a run, or may be just a walk to start with, only to realize, I don't even know where my sport's shoes are kept, or even if I still have a pair or not. I switch on the TV, n scan through the only 12 channels I watch. Nothing interesting there. So I switch on my PC, n it refuses to start. Took me half an hour to get it to work. I wonder if I'll even be able to finish my post. Coming back to post, in case u are wondering what makes this morning so glum, it is the fact that I stayed in my bed trying hard not to have thoughts about anything while they just kept coming. So I start with the thoughts I went to sleep with. The other day I lost my headphone, no wait, I don't mean 'lost' lost. I mean 'broke' lost. It was then that I realised how music has a tendency to brighten up your life. The thing is that I don't spend much time at home anymore, n whenever I am out, I have my ear plugs slung around my neck. Even my PC isn't working that well. It has some hardware defect I am unable to figure out. I am guessing (or rather hoping) it is just the SMPS. It's been ages since I blew up one. My bike isn't running that well either. I was almost totally out of fuel, when I got her topped up to the brim from my regular pump, which I hadn't been able to go to for a while. Right after that, I noticed a change in the exhaust note. The sound became heavier as if there was unburnt fuel in the exhaust. The acceleration reduced and n ride isn't that smooth anymore. Now I know how parents might have felt after learning about the lead content in Chinese toys, or after that milk powder controversy again from China (but that, I guess, would be too extreme). I have got to burn the entire tankful, before I can refill again. Also, my bike has got a clatter coming from its engine, which is because the tappets get lose if u ride too hard. And although it isn't a bad thing to happen (according to my mechanic it is good to leave it a bit lose in such a weather), it is really irritating to listen to, while riding without my earplugs. Speaking of the weather, it has gotten really warm these last couple of days, n I have to ride around 40 kms a day, in this heat. Though I have to say, my room is strangely pleasant. Even right now, I am sitting without a fan with a jacket on, oh but I am not talking about the good stuff in this post. Coming back to sulking, I have been so busy of lately, that I haven't watched a movie since God knows when. N there, I have sulked about everything that I have stated as my interests in my blog profile. I really wonder why we can't be happy with what we have got. Why do we have to be so materialistic? Speaking of being materialistic, reminds me of my very first unpublished post, where I muse upon the need of being so. I was sitting in a hospital where I notice the pain n suffering that surround the doctors, n realize that being materialistic can actually be good for certain people. Anyway, I have stuff I need to do right now, so I guess it's time to sign out. Argh!!! Almost forgot forgot to sulk about the electricity. We have been having half an hour power cuts every hour and a half... I'd almost clicked on the submit button, when I had a power cut again. Oh wait, there is more. I have to crib about Windows 7 n IE 8, but i think I'll put up another post for it, when I have the time for it. I'm insanely busy at the moment.

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