Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The meaning...

Each morning I wake up, I take a deep breath, and decide to get another day over with. Each day is a challenge, each day is wait. I am not sure what I am waiting for, but I am certain, that whatever the future holds, has got to be better than the present. Things have been progressively on the downward trend for a while, with hobbies dying an unnatural death, the amount of time to reflect upon oneself increasing significantly, debts and earnings going way out of sync, the want for all my vices disappearing and a lot more that I have missed out, accidentally or purposefully. There are days like today when every breath is a strained one and it's days like this  that makes me wonder, how long before I will be alive again. I, like many others before me have often wondered about the meaning of life, and it was while watching a movie, that I had an epiphany. May be one day I will be resurrected. Until then I'll be right here, tackling each day as it comes.

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